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Thursday, 17 February, 2022

Elasticrun AI case study: Logistics and commerce with AI

Elasticrun –  Logistics/commerce – India

Elasticrun is a commerce and logistics company setup in India to help supply grocery stores with products. The data-centric company uses AI to help streamline the process.

The problem

In India there are over 12 million grocery store owners. Most are small independents that travel miles to wholesale businesses not knowing the availability of stock.

The solution

ElasticRun have designed a network where wholesale and retail companies can trade as well as the crucial logistics/commerce between parties.

The AI results

ElasticRun uses Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes and Microsoft Azure to automate the logistics from product ordering to delivery. With this technology they handle orders from over 200,000 stores from 19,000 villages. The plan is to grow this to 2 million stores over the next year.

Thoughts and insights

The key to Elasticrun success is harnessing the power of data. Having a good data strategy and infrastructure can help transform a business. This is a very good example of using AI in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market. Azure is able to handle huge amounts of data, saving huge amounts of time and resources throughout the product chain. I can other forms of data to be included ie weather, news to anticipate future issues and risk analysis.

Technology areas covered

  • AI logistics
  • AI warehousing
  • AI transportation
  • AI ecommerce
  • AI cloud stack
  • Data management

More information: More about Elasicrun case study and Elasticrun website

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