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AI business technology news – April 2024

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Tuesday 30th April 2024

Sams club deploys AI-powered Exit Technology – Business Wire
Nike using AI and 4D Motion Capture – CGT
Apple targets Google staff to build AI team – FT
AI Security & Governance Report – Immuta
IBM plans $730m expansion of Canadian chip operation – IBM
Deloitte Launches New GenAI – PRNewswire
Gen AI Could Boost Bank Revenues by 6% in the Next 3 Years: Accenture – AIM
White House looks to add 500 AI experts – Federal News Outlook
Tesco brings its AI game to new ‘Clubcard Challenges’ – Tesco
Why AI Is So Expensive – Bloomberg
AI chip startup Blaize nabs $106M in fresh funding – SiliconAngle


Monday 29th April 2024

The State of Generative AI in the Enterprise – Deloitte
Porsche develops agents to help configure cars – Porsche
AI skills challenges – EY
Who in Europe is investing the most in artificial intelligence? – Euro News
The FT and OpenAI strike content licensing deal – FT
New laws on smarter gadgets in the UK – BBC
About Apple’s OpenELM LLMs – Medianama


Sunday 28th April 2024

Apple in talks with OpenAI to integrate AI into iPhones – IE
OpenAI Startup Fund quietly raises $15M – TechCrunch
Lure of AI as a service – Infoworld


Saturday 27th April 2024

Investors Cheer AI Spending Boom in Big Tech—Just Not at Meta – Wall Street Journal
Adobe Launches New AI Assistant for Acrobat – PC Mag
AI’s Next Big Winners Aren’t Just Tech Companies – Barrons (Paywall)
Robotics – Benchmark for language-based task planner developed – TechExplore


Friday 26th April 2024

Edia AI education platform raises $9.4M – FinSMEs
Intel reports 9% YoY Q1 growth, driven by computing, AI and edge products – VentureBeat
Monster API uses generative AI to help anyone build generative AI – Silicon Angle
Microsoft’s cloud sales receive a boost from AI – FT (Paywall)
Nissan teams up with Baidu on generative AI – China Daily
A new report explores the economic impact of generative AI – Google
Alphabet Q1 Earnings Focus on AI Monetization – Pymnts
Wall Street’s Patience for a Costly A.I. Arms Race Is Waning – New York Times (Paywall)


Thursday 25th April 2024

Global CIOs geared up to scale AI but organizations aren’t as ready – Lenovo
Tesla spent $1bn on AI infrastructure in Q1 – DataCenterDynamics
Saudi Arabia Spends Big to Become an A.I. Superpower – New York Times (Paywall)
Nvidia announces $700 million acquisition of Run:ai – Ctech
Augment, a GitHub Copilot rival, launches out of stealth with $252M – Techcrunch
UK competition watchdog looking at AI startups – The Guardian


Wednesday 24th April 2024

Snowflake bringing out an open-source AI model called Arctic – Silicon Angle
Snowflake releases a flagship generative AI model of its own – Techcrunch
Gen AI Already Has Had A Profound Impact On Marketing
– Media Post
The cloud is not a slam dunk platform for generative AI – Infoworld
FinQuery raises $25 Million for its AI-powered SaaS platform – FinQuery
Why Is a Data-Driven Culture Important? – Dataversity
Sublime security secures $20M for its AI assisted email platform – Sublime security
With the rise of the chief AI officer, it’s time to examine ‘czar’ culture – Digiday
Senate passes TikTok ban bill – The Verge


Tuesday 23nd April 2024

Amazon Bedrock makes it easier to build generative AI applications – Amazon
Generative AI Principles developed for child safety – Thorn
Microsoft launches Phi-3, its smallest AI model yet – The Verge
Coca-Cola signs a $1.1 Billion Deal with Microsoft for AI services – Tech Times
The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses have multimodal AI now – The Verge
Perplexity AI lands $63M funding for generative AI search – SiliconAngle


Monday 22nd April 2024

‘AI needs to prove it’s working for clients’ best interests’ – FT
At BMW, Brains are on the Menu – Yahoo

  • Summary: BMW’s Neue Klasse X concept car aims to strengthen the bond between vehicle and occupants by personifying the design in a way that aligns with the human senses, creating a “digital hug.” The car features advanced technology powered by a “super brain” and utilizes AI tools in the design process to accelerate creativity and generate abstract, psychedelic inspirations.

SAP Unveils new AI-Driven Supply-Chain Innovations – SAP

  • Summary: SAP has announced AI advancements in its supply chain solutions that aim to improve productivity, efficiency, and precision in manufacturing. The use of AI-driven insights from real-time data will help companies make better decisions, streamline product development, and enhance manufacturing efficiency.
  • Thoughts: This is an innovative move by SAP to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of field service operations. By incorporating advanced IoT technology and predictive maintenance capabilities, SAP is revolutionising the way companies manage their assets and deliver timely service to customers. With the integration of Cumulocity IoT platform, SAP is positioning itself as a leader in the digital transformation of asset management and maintenance.

Qureight Raises $8.5M for its clinical AI-assisted platform – Qureight
AI Will Eventually Fade From View, By Design – Forbes

  • Summary: AI may eventually become a commodity, similar to personal computers and internet access, as it becomes widespread and available to all at low cost. While some argue that AI will continue to provide a competitive advantage, others believe that its value lies in how it is used to improve business processes and outcomes, rather than as a standalone product.
  • Thoughts: Great article by Joe. In the next few years, AI will continue to evolve as a crucial tool for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition. As more companies invest in AI technology, the capabilities and applications of this innovative tool will only continue to expand. Businesses that embrace AI early on will likely see the greatest benefits, as they will have a head start in leveraging its potential for increased efficiency and profitability. In this rapidly changing landscape, staying up-to-date on the latest AI advancements will be essential for companies looking to remain competitive in their respective industries.

US Looks to Forge AI Partnerships With UAE – Pymnts
Getting the most from AI by integrating it with a firm’s DNA –


Sunday 21st April 2024

DTI to bring in AI-assisted pricing app to help combat shrinkflation – BusinessWorld
BBC to invest £6m in AI to help transform its education services – The Guardian
AI Versus The Skills Gap – Forbes

  • Summary: The UK is facing a significant skills gap in its workforce, which could hinder future growth and its ability to lead in emerging sectors. AI can help address this challenge by simplifying the hiring process, matching individuals with the required skills to job roles, and aiding in the training and development of existing employees. This will ultimately increase productivity and maximise the impact of skilled workers.

Can AI companies find a way to turn a profit? – Washington Post (Paywall)
AI-generated coffee blend from Finland – AP
Pentagon is spending billions as it goes all-in on AI – Quartz
How chasing AI shifts tech spending patterns – SiliconAngle

  • Summary: The spending patterns in the tech industry have shifted significantly since the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), with companies reallocating funds to invest in AI and running experiments to monetize it. AI has become a dominant sector, with increased adoption and investment, leading to a competitive landscape among both established players like Google and Amazon Web Services, as well as emerging companies like OpenAI and Meta Llama.

How AI QR Codes Could Level Up Digital Marketing – TechBullion
Beanless coffee and an AI-staffed restaurant – CBS news (Video)
AI Enters the Fight Against Greenwashing: Can It Win? – Technopedia
Commodity traders bet on big data and AI – FT


Saturday 20th April 2024

AI investments will help chip sector to recover – Yahoo Finance
Data Will Make or Break Workers’ Trust in AI – Salesforce

  • Summary: A Salesforce survey reveals that many AI users find it difficult to get the desired results from AI and lack trust in the data used to train AI systems. Workers believe that accurate, complete, and secure data is crucial for building trust in AI, and training AI on comprehensive customer/company data can help build trust in the technology.
  • Thoughts: Good, solid, and reliable data should be central to every AI strategy. Data is the lifeblood of AI and most enterprises today. Without high-quality data, AI systems are unable to provide accurate insights or make reliable predictions. It is essential for companies to invest in data management practices that ensure the accuracy and security of their data. By prioritising the collection and maintenance of reliable data, businesses can build trust in AI and unlock its full potential to drive growth and innovation. Ultimately, the success of any AI strategy hinges on the quality of the data it is built upon. Closes $16M Series A for their AI-powered revenue platform – Xfactor
Businesses confront reality of generative AI in finance – TechTarget
Langdock raises $3M to help their non LLM lock-in platform – TechCrunch
Where will artificial intelligence take the produce industry? – The packer
Olympic organisers unveil strategy for using AI in sports – Yahoo
Hatch secures $3 for its AI-assisted community intelligence platform – Hatch


Friday 19th April 2024

AI start-up Mistral in talks to raise €500mn at €5bn valuation – FT
Generative AI gold rush drives IT spending – CIO

  • Summary: Global IT spending is expected to grow by 8% this year, driven by increased investment in artificial intelligence (AI) and the replacement of computing devices purchased during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Gartner. However, Gartner warns that while interest in AI is high, the execution of AI initiatives may not meet expectations, and CIOs should look for proofs of concept and calculate the return on investment before fully embracing AI.
  • Thoughts: Cloud computing, cybersecurity, and operational efficiency are still the typical IT drivers; however, as a result of the impact of AI, businesses are beginning to look holistically at the overall approach to IT in a broader AI context.

AI Gives Enterprise Device Market Something to Be Excited About – WSJ
LG to ramp up AI investment by up to 40% in 2024 – The Korean Economic Daily
Intel unveils largest-ever AI computer that mimics the human brain – LiveScience
Google consolidates its DeepMind and Research teams amid AI push – Reuters

  • Summary: Google is consolidating its DeepMind and Research teams to strengthen its AI portfolio. The move includes relocating responsible AI teams to enhance safe AI development and address concerns about AI safety and regulation.
  • Thoughts: As the AI race continues, prominent corporations are amassing large teams with diverse expertise and strategies. Continued coordination and harmonisation across the organisation are essential. This consolidation will likely lead to more efficient communication and collaboration between teams, ultimately leading to more innovative and responsible AI development. By bringing together AI teams and ensuring governance considerations are integrated into every stage of AI development. As the competition in the AI industry intensifies, it is crucial for companies to prioritise safety to build trust with consumers and regulators.

AI will help scientists understand ‘most diseases’ in 3 to 5 years – Semafor
Oracle wins Futjitsu contract for its cloud platform Alloy – The Register
Wells Fargo to integrate AI into trade finance operations – FinTechFutures


Thursday 18th April 2024

Why semiconductors could be the most efficient AI play – CNBC
Meta steps up AI battle with release of Llama 3 – The Guardian
Qoala Raises $47M for integrating AI across all channels – Finsmes
66% have embraced the transformative potential of AI – Wipfri
Ramp raises another $150M for their AI-assisted finance platform – Ramp
68% of US Physicians Believe Generative AI is Beneficial in Healthcare – TechTimes
Newsweek is making generative AI a fixture in its newsroom – Niemanlab
New GenAI features added to GoogleAds – Google


Wednesday 17th April 2024

Healthsage raises €3M for GenAI platform – Healthsage
How to be a better leader in the age of AI – Fast Company
Mistral AI Targeting $5 Billion Valuation – Pymnts
Three reasons robots are about to become way more useful – MIT
The end-to-end AI chain emerges – ZDNet
IMF Expects UK Economy to Be Big Growth Winner From AI Boom – Bloomberg
Accelerated research about generative AI – MIT Sloan
Google Trains User Interface and Infographics AI model – InfoQ
NSA Releases Guidance for Securely Implementing AI Systems – AI Business
Generative AI Spending in Asia/Pacific to Reach $26 Billion by 2027 – IDG


Tuesday 16th April 2024

AI hallucinations will be solvable within a year – Fortune

  • Summary: AI hallucinations, where generative AI chatbots provide inaccurate or made-up answers, are expected to be solvable within a year, according to AI experts, who believe that the issue can be addressed through improved training methods and calibration; however, some argue that a little bit of hallucination could be beneficial for AI to think outside the box, especially in creative tasks.
  • Thoughts: This is an important step towards reducing errors, increasing trust, and creating greater adoption.

Andreessen Horowitz raises $7.2bn and sets sights on AI start-ups – FT (Paywall)
UK Starts Drafting AI Regulations for Most Powerful Models – Bloomberg (Paywall)
65% of educators think AI can save them time – Zdnet
America’s AI job hotspots, mapped – Axios
64% of Software Developers Use GenAI For Work – Technopedia

  • Summary: A survey by Docker found that 64% of software developers are using generative AI for work. The majority perceive AI positively and find it beneficial for their jobs, although some express scepticism and fear of job loss.
  • Thoughts: As GenAI permeates job roles, we will see a shift in perception. The key will be to get staff to see how their roles may change and ensure that they are not replaceable.

Where the US Is Most Ready to Welcome Generative AI – Bain & Co
Document AI startup Upstage raises $72M for global expansion – Silicon Angle
Baidu says AI chatbot ‘Ernie Bot’ has attracted 200 million users – Reuters
LG CNS unveils enhanced generative AI platform – The Korea Times
Google Will Spend More Than $100 Billion on AI – Bloomberg (Paywall)
Qureight raises $8.5m to use AI to speed up the $92bn clinical trials market – Sifted
US, Japan Collaborate on AI Research for Life Sciences – AI business
The US and Europe need a strategy for the geopolitical contest over AI – FT
Amazon To Invest €700m In Robotics And AI Across Europe – InsightDIY
Microsoft to invest $1.5B in Emirati AI firm G42 – New York Post
Arm accelerates Edge AI and IoT reference design platform – New electronics
Why sovereign AI infrastructure is driving worldwide adoption of Gen AI – Tech Radar


Monday 15th April 2024

New Stanford Index AI report 2024 released – Stanford
Stanford Index AI in 13 charts – Stanford
David Vellante on AI and IPOs – NYSE/YouTube (Video)
Appian Signs a deal with AWS for Private AI End-to-End Process Automation – AAP
AI will bring $200b to the Australian economy – Financial review (Paywall)
Lawhive raises $12M for their legal platformTechCrunch
Over a third of city leaders use GenAI at work every day – Retail Banker
Dot Compliance Raises $17.5M for AI-enabled quality management system – Finsmes
IKEA will provide AI literacy training for 3,000 co-workers and 500 leaders – Ingka Group

  • Summary: IKEA Retail is implementing AI literacy training for thousands of co-workers and leaders, aiming to enhance their capabilities and ensure that technology is utilised in line with IKEA values while also collaborating with AI tools and emphasising the importance of human-centric AI.
  • Thoughts: Every company that is implementing AI should have some kind of AI literacy training for all its staff. It not only educates staff on exciting new possibilities, but it can also enable greater adoption and retention.

Sunday 14th April 2024

A patchwork of state AI laws is creating ‘a mess’ for US businesses – Yahoo finance
IT Pioneers Assess the Future Impact of AI – The New Stack
Top 10 GenAI consumer apps – Andreessen Horowitz
Klarna Early Gamble on ChatGPT and AI Tech Could Amount to $40 Million in Profit – Yahoo
Ai threatens top executives, survey of 600 CEOs reveals – Cryptopolitan
The rise of the chief AI officer – FT
Race For AI Isn’t Zero-sum, Says Amazon Cloud Boss – Barrons


Saturday 13th April 2024

52% of UK shoppers think AI has improved their retail experiences – Channel X
Google’s new technique gives LLMs infinite context
– VentureBeat
GPT-4 Turbo launched – TechCrunch
Enterprises seek deeper AI value beyond chat – Silicon Angle
Light-based chip: China’s Taichi could power AGI – Interesting Engineering
Amazon is going all-in on AI – Techspot
Andy Jassy’s AI plan – Business insider (Paywall)
Developing A ‘Generative AI Mindset’ – Forbes


Friday 12th April 2024

Why small language models are the next big thing in AI – VentureBeat
Simbian raises $10M to automate security operations with GenAI – SiliconAngle
AI Could Soon Replace Entry-Level Wall Street Analysts – Tech Times
Floqast secures $100M investment for AI-assisted accounts – Floqast
Forefront of a Cambrian explosion in AI capability – Fortune
South Korea Commits $6.8B to Boost AI Chip Development, Production
– AI Business
Tabs Secures $7 Million to Scale AI-Powered AR Platform – Pymnt
Europe’s A.I. ‘Champion’ Sets Sights on Tech Giants in U.S – New York Times
Onum raises $28M for data observability – Onum
AI Skills Gap putting Public Sector projects in jeopardy – Business matters
AI PCs Are Going Mainstream Says AMD – AI Business
Knostic raises $3.3 million for enterprise GenAI access control – Knostic


Thursday 11th April 2024

Apple to focus on AI for M4 chips – Bloomberg (Paywall)
Adobe Will Buy Your Videos for Up to $7.25 Per Minute to Train AI – PetaPixel
IBM invests more into AI data security firm Cohesity – Cohesity
How Banks Are Utilizing Artificial Intelligence – Bloomberg/Youtube (Video)
AI top 50 companies release – Forbes
Scavenger AI raises €1.1M for its AI business consultant – Tech EU
LLMs will never reach human-level intelligence – TNW
Concentration of AI power among just six big tech companies – The Guardian
Alphabet Heads Toward $2 Trillion With Investors Cheering AI Progress – Bloomberg
Amazon adds AI expert, Andrew Ng to the board – Daily Mail
AI To Contribute $1.2 Trillion To Africa’s Economy – All Africa
Superintelligent raises $20M for AI teaching platform – Superintelligent
North AI Raises £580K for AI-powered insights platform – NorthAI
Amazon CEO is committed to cost-cutting while investing in AI – CNBC
Google Cloud Next 2024: Everything announced so far – Techcrunch


Wednesday 10th April 2024

Rocket Logic AI Platform to Make Homeownership Faster and Easier – Rocket Logic
PwC rolls out generative AI tax solution – CIO Drive
Meta unveils its newest custom AI chip as it races to catch up – Techcrunch
AI race heats up as OpenAI, Google and Mistral release new models – The Guardian
Arm CEO: AI’s ‘Insatiable’ Energy Needs Unsustainable – WSJ
The path to generative AI value: Setting the flywheel in motion – PWC
How the Masters uses watsonx to manage its AI lifecycle – IBM
OpenAI and Meta ready new AI models capable of ‘reasoning’ – FT (Paywall)
AI features may help increase mobile phone sales – Mobile Europe
Mode Raises $8.75M to help their AI assistant technology Finsmes
Kenya developing AI strategy with help from EU Techpoint
Meta discussed buying Simon & Schuster to train AI models – Business matters
AI technology dominate Google cloud Next ’24 keynote – Youtube (Video)
eBay adds an AI-powered ‘shop the look’ feature to its iOS app – Techcrunch
AI e-commerce Innovator Spresso Secures Funding – Businesswire


Tuesday 9th April 2024

Amazon invests $25 million in advancing AI – Amazon
NeuroMesh – talks of a new era in AI – Decrypt
Reshape raise $20m in our Series A – Reshape
Australian manufacturers invest in GenAI to boost productivity
– Proactive investors
AI PCs may be saving PC sales – SiliconAngle
Goldman Sachs-backed AlphaSense AI, worth $2.5B – Fortune
Which AI Companies Have Acquired the Most Funding? – Statista
How manufacturing’s Lighthouses are capturing the full value of AI – McKinsey
Best Buy AI Tools Aim to Make In-Home Services More Efficient – Yahoo Finance
Libretto Raises $3.7M in Seed Funding for prompt engineering – Finsmes
Intel unveils latest AI chip – CNBC
Intel Unleashes Enterprise AI with Gaudi 3 – Intel Raises £1.27M for AI revenue management platform – Finsmes
Nymiz gets €2.8 million to boost data privacy – EU startups
Microsoft to invest $2.9bn in Japan data centres amid AI boom – Nikkei Asia
Microsoft to invest $2.9 bln to expand AI, cloud infra in Japan – Reuters
Klarna: 75 per cent of staff now use AI tools like ChatGPT – City A.M
AI EdTech Startup, PETE, Secures $2M – Pete
AMD launches faster AI edge chips – VentureBeat
Aerospike secures $109M for AI database technology – Aerospike
IBM Patents a Faster Method to Train LLMs for Enterprises – Datanami
Procurement Sciences AI Raises $10M – Businesswire
Torg raises €2.7 million for AI-powered food and beverage platform – EU startups
South Korea to invest $7 billion in AI in effort to retain edge in chips – CNN


Monday 8th April 2024

Elon Musk predicts AI will overtake human intelligence next year – FT (Paywall)
Apple’s $25-50 million Shutterstock AI training data deal – VentureBeat
Leash Biosciences Raises $9.3 Million Seed Financing for its AI Biotechnology – Techbuzz
AI could add 1 million tons to copper demand by 2030 –
SK Hynix announces $3.87 billion investment in US AI facility – Cryptopolitan
IBM will expand its AI Cloud Operations in Canada – Yahoo Finance
How DHL harnessed genAI – Computer World
Stability AI brings 12B parameter update – VentureBeat
iKala Secures Over $20 Million in Series B+ Funding for AI-assisted telecoms – iKala
Ambarella expands AI System On a Chip (SoC) portfolio – New electronics
AI could be as consequential to the economy as electricity, says Jamie Dimon – CNN
Stanhope AI Raises £2.3M in Seed Funding – Finsmes
Sport analytics leverage AI and ML to improve the game – CIO
Luminance Raises $40 Million for ‘legal grade’ AI platform – Luminance
Microsoft announces new AI office in UK – BBC
Announcing new Microsoft AI Hub in London – Microsoft
Prem Labs Raises $14M in Seed Funding for open-source AI technologies – Finsmes
Spotify launches AI playlists that you can build using prompts – TechCrunch
Every government will want to build a ‘sovereign’ AI cloud in the future – CNBC


Sunday 7th April 2024

OpenAI transcribed over a million hours of YouTube videos to train GPT-4 – The Verge
AI week summary by Matt Wolfe (Video) – YouTube
US ‘leaning on’ UK expertise for AI support, says UK Science Secretary – The Telegraph
Zimbabwe developing Artificial Intelligence policy – Daily News
LG Group’s AI academy to foster young talent bears fruit – The Korea economic daily
Wall Street hunts for next wave of AI winners beyond US – SCMP
Trudeau Unveils $1.8 Billion Plan to Boost AI Sector in Canada – Bloomberg (Paywall) raises $3.2M to enhance its platform – Lexter
Inside Big Tech’s underground race to buy AI training data – Asia One
Hong Kong to cut tax on intellectual property profits to 5% – SCMP
South African AI summit (Video) – Youtube Raises $4.6M in Seed Funding – Finsmes
KPMG partners with Google Cloud for AI – Cryptopolitan
AI technology shift to help drive Samsung’s comeback – The Straights Times
Future of shopping: AI-driven ‘smart carts’ to NYC retailers – New York Post
Why European consumers are split over the future of AI – ING
Digital Silk Road as part of the Chinese National Strategy – Modern Diplomacy


Saturday 6th April 2024

Manufacturing Is At A Turning Point – Forbes
KFC, Pizza Hut get ready to bring the taste of AI – Brand Equity
Facebook and Instagram to label digitally altered content ‘made with AI’ – The Guardian
AI will reduce workforce, say 41% of surveyed executives – The Register
AI washing – Adage (Paywall)
AWS’ AI blueprint emphasises optionality, trust and scalable industry solutions – Silicon Angle
Jony Ive is now looking for funding for his mystery AI project – Apple insider
Sundar Pichai on the challenge of innovating in a huge company – Tech Crunch
‘Godfather of AI’ says there isn’t a consensus on what ‘AGI’ means – Fast Company
This $400 toothbrush is peak AI mania – Washington Post
EU To Move Faster On Artificial Intelligence Regulation – Pymnts
Can The UK Become An AI Super Power? – Forbes


Friday 5th April 2024

Accelerating AI-Driven Marketing Maturity – BCG
78% leaders fear AI progress may outpace employee training – People Matters Global
Banking’s mainframe strategies shift as boards push for AI, cloud – CIO Drive
Chinese firms lag behind US peers in AI development ‘by two years’ – SCMP
Elon Musk Boosts AI Engineer Pay in ‘Craziest Talent War’ – Wall Street Journal (Paywall)
IBM and The Government of Spain Collaborate to Advance National AI strategy – IBM
Fluid Topics raises €15M for GenAI-powered customer service – Tech EU
US and EU commit to boosting AI safety – EU GOV
AI’s Power Needs Not as Bad as Feared, Princeton Professor Says – Bloomberg
Nvidia plans to build a $200 million AI center in Indonesia – CNBC
Manifold Secures $15 Million in Investment for clinical AI platform – Manifold
How AI is transforming pricing solutions in retail – Abasto
AI Has Lost Its Magic – The Atlantic
To Build a Better AI Supercomputer, Let There Be Light – Wired


Thursday 4th April 2024

AI Demand for Data Centers Vastly Underestimated, CoreWeave Says – Yahoo Finance
OpenAI releases new AI fine-tuning tools – VentureBeat
Big tech companies form new consortium – Techcrunch
Salesforce injects more AI into its B2B e-commerce platform – Digitalcommerce36
IBM Has a New Solution- Synthetic Data Generation – AIthority secures $70M funding for multimodal chip – Techcrunch
Perplexity’s growth upends SEO fears – Venture Beat
ML breakthrough sheds new light on hotel customer satisfaction – Eureka Alert
Amazon Invests $4B to Advance Generative AI Tech to Customers – AI business
AI strategic alliances bring the power of generative AI to clients – McKinsey
Autonomous driving startup Ghost Autonomy gives up the ghost – Silicon Angle
DALL-E now lets you edit images in ChatGPT – The Verge


Wednesday 3rd April 2024

Google considers charging for AI search – FT (Paywall)
African AI pioneer InstaDeep ready for future after €500m takeover – African business
Microsoft is working on an Xbox AI chatbot – The Verge
Lil Snack raises $3.1M for snackable games built by devs with AI tools – Venture Bea
Luminance Raises $40 Million for Legal Industry AI Tools – PYMNTS
Reinventing the Organization for GenAI and LLMs – MIT Sloan (Paywall)
Amazon to invest £199B in data centres to support AI demand – Techerati
SMBs believe AI is going to give them the edge – Techradar
Apple’s new AI aims to take on GPT – Business insider
Maybe We’ve Got The AI In Law ‘Problem’ All Wrong – Above the law
How Britain’s OpenAI rival unravelled – The Telegraph
Shoplifting, self-checkout and the limits of AI – FT
How The Stargate Project Could Change AI – PYMNTS


Tuesday 2nd April 2024

For Data-Guzzling AI Companies, the Internet Is Too Small – Wall Street Journal (Paywall)
Investors are still underestimating the long-term impact of AI – FT
US and UK announce formal partnership on AI safety UK Government
Will France Be the AI Hub of Continental Europe? – TechPolicy
Fujitsu Uses AI, Underwater Drones for Ocean Digital Twin – AI business
Modal Announces $25M Series A to Upskill Employees in AI – Datanami
Announcing Supersimple and $2.2M in funding – Supersimple


Monday 1st April 2024

White House Unveils Guidelines for Safe, Secure, Responsible AI Use – AI business
AI and the growing importance of Chief Digital Officers
– Forbes
OpenAI shares preview of new AI voice technology – The Hill
Avoid generative AI malaise to innovate and build business value – CIO
Congress bans staff use of Microsoft’s AI Copilot – Axios
ValidMind raises $8.1m for AI risk management platform – Finextra
The Imminent Impact of AI on Global Productivity – Fortune
Forging the Future: US and UK Unite for AI Safety and Innovation – FT

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