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Tuesday, 18 January, 2022

Spar case study: Predictive buying with AI

BWG group are investing 6.5 million euros into predictive buying technology across 1000 SPAR convenience stores in Ireland.

The problem
Store managers spend a long time trying predict what stock to buy and when. This means a 10% loss due to manual ordering. The result of which is a huge loss in time and resources.

The solution
Use smart AI technology that monitors customer behaviour and anticipates future factors like weather, sporting events and social media activity. The system is based on 240 different data points, including local events and can recommend new products store managers don’t stock, but sell fast. As more sales come in, the system will self analyse and improve over time.

The results
The AI technology puts less pressure on the managers to get the buying right. Also, the system can also suggest new and top selling lines. This technology saves times and increases revenue.

The future
BWG/SPAR could look at integrating this to other aspects of their business, ie the buying, logistics at the backend or directly linked to their marketing plans for end to end AI automated service. This will reduce more time and increase accuracy throughout the supply chain.

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