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Monday, 24 January, 2022

Swiggy case study: Intelligent food delivery with AI

Swiggy has just secured $700 million dollar investment in their South Asian food delivery company.

The problem
Having a food delivery network requires a number of technologies for a fast, efficient service. Swiggy is based in 500 Indian cities delivering local restaurant food to your door, via its 200,000 fleet of drives. In order to be effective, the technology platform has to process over 40 billion messages per day. The data comes from orders, processing orders, customer and restaurant interactions. All the data needs to be processed quickly, accurately with decisions made in real-time. AI to the rescue.

The solution
Swiggy invested heavily in a effective AI-ready technology stack. They focussed on building a platform that could expand with their customer expansion. They decided to have a ‘AI-first’ platform to allow the scale in growth and easily. They also invested heavily in a good AI team, attracting many skilled staff with PHD backgrounds from universities and blue chip companies like IBM. They have focussed on democratising AI so anyone in organisation can build AI models with a focus on real-time decisions and optimisation. They are also looking at using machine vision/AI to monitor correct foods and reduce errors.

The results
With the right technology in place, they are able to process data more quickly and accurately. The AI is helping them anticipate demand for food as well as profile sales and customers in more detail. They have also been able to have a better time-estimation by looking at food production times and delivery information. This has allowed them to expand from a few cities to over 500 in India. As a result from all this, they have secure another investment for $700.

The future
By having a good tech stack, they will be able to experiment with other forms of ML/AI models to help increase sales and reduce costs. I can see them possibly licencing the technology to other countries. They could possibly use this technology for other sectors too.

More information
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