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CEO decision-making in the age of AI – IBM report review

Every year IBM produce interesting reports on CEO’s thinking. They are usually very detailed, informative and a good barometer for current leadership thinking. They have just released CEO decision-making in the age of AI, which is incredibly interesting.

The report covers many aspects of thinking and decision-making in an AI-assisted world. It is based on surveying over 3,000 CEOs from 30 countries and 24 industries.

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Key facts

  • GenAI
    • 84% of CEOs have generative AI use cases completed
    • 70% of CEOs have formal business plans for generative AI
    • 75% of CEOs believe the organization with the most advanced generative AI wins.
    • 43% of CEOs are using generative AI to inform strategic decisions.
    • 69% of CEOs see broad benefits of generative AI across the organization
    • 29% of their executive teams feel they have the in-house expertise to adopt generative AI.
    • 46% of CEOs are making workforce decisions due to GenAI
  • Inputs for decisions
    • 76% of CEOs use operational data as the bases of key decisions
    • 75% of CEOs use financial data as the bases of key decisions
    • 63% of CEOs use internal input data as the bases of key decisions
  • External forces
    • 48% of CEOs consider technology factors as impacting CEOs decisions
    • 44% of CEOs consider regulatory factors as impacting CEOs decisions
    • 43% of CEOs consider market factors as impacting CEOs decisions
  • Concerns
    • 56% of CEOs say they are delaying at least one major investment due to a lack of consistent standards – sustainability and data and privacy
    • 57% of CEOs are concerned about the security of data
    • 48% worry about bias or data accuracy
  • AI Pressure
    • 66% of board members pressured to accelerate AI adoption
    • 64% of investors pressured to accelerate AI adoption

Key takeaways

The report has many interesting highlights. Here are my insights based on this:

  • GenAI – There has been a remarkable shift towards Generative AI thinking to unlock potential. More are seeing its potential and thinking more strategically about this.
  • AI disruption – Most CEOs are implementing AI without a view of how it will disrupt their workforce or company workflow.
  • Complexity – Complexity and pressure of decision-making have increased. Having a solid understanding and plan is key to success.
  • Decision-making – The burden of decision-making has increased. The speed and pace of technology require wider knowledge of the technology and is application. Top companies place finance as a major driver or indicator for decision-making.
  • Concerns – Data, trust, ethics and legislation are critical concerns. Good to address these early on. With a solid governance strategy, this will free-up thinking and drive further decisions.
  • AI change – Most (69%) of CEOs are embracing AI. But, their workforce are less confident. This can be resolved with good strategic planning and training.

Bottom line

The report clearly illustrates the importance of addressing the benefits of Generative AI within the organisation. However, in order to maximise the potential of this, there should be a solid strategy for the AI as well as clear planning and explanation throughout the organisation. Companies that embrace GenAI fully and create teams with core skills across the organisation tend to succeed.

Thank you IBM

  • Read the report here

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