Wednesday, 10 May, 2023

Anthropic developing safe, scalable Generative AI

Anthropic, the exciting new AI startup, wants to raise $5 billion over the next four years for ChatGPT-like text generation technology. They invented a new technique called constitutional AI, where text-generated content is checked or filtered before publishing.

How does it work
The AI system trains two models, one to critique or revise its response using certain pre-defined principles. It then trains another model using AI-generated feedback. This layered approach traps issues before publishing and unlike ChatGPT, it won’t need human contractors to compare outputs manually.

Anthropic has cleverly opted for an improved machine-based auditing approach, allowing the technology to be scaled easily with increased consistency.

The guiding principles or ‘constitution’ is based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights. It is designed to align AI systems to rigorous human-centric values and goals.

Anthropic have said that this is not a complete solution to all generative AI problems, but it is a major step forward in the fight against Generative governance issues.

This AI approach is a masterstroke by Anthropic that may attract more investments in the future. Given the rise in AI concerns, we will see more safeguarding when it comes to governance issues ahead of any potential legislation in the future.

The companies that address these critical governance issues will be in a leading position for years and influence others to change too.

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