Tuesday, 9 May, 2023

IBM is investing heavily in AI – Annual IBM think 2023

Today was the start of the annual IBM Think event, announcing a raft of AI initiatives including the new IBM watsonx – a new AI and data platform.

The platform enables enterprises to scale their AI with trusted data. So whether you are creating a cutting-edge AI or using the latest GenerativeAI, they have developed a stack to help train, tune, and deploy AI models. [1]

There are 3 main areas of the launch:

  1. IBM watsonx.AI
    In the watsonx framework, IBM offers an AI development studio with IBM-curated and open-source models. IBM has teamed up with Hugging Face for open models and datasets
  2. IBM watsonx.data
    A data store is like an open lakehouse optimised for governed data and AI workloads
  3. IBM watsonx.governance
    An AI governance toolkit to enable trust workflows

IBM also announced 

  • New GPU offering. AI-tailored infrastructure designed to support compute-intensive workloads
  • IBM consulting for GenAI. Help from over 1,000 Gen AI experts
  • IBM cloud carbon calculator. Manage and track AI carbon footprint

Bottom line

With the many big cloud vendors already operating and attracting many AI customers, IBM has put together an extensive package to help attract many enterprises that want a complete end-to-end AI solution. 

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Thank you to these excellent references for inspiring our thinking:

[1] IBM press release

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