Sunday, 7 May, 2023

45% of executives believe ChatGPT has increased AI investment

An interesting Gartner poll of more than 2,500 executive leaders found that 45% of executives believe ChatGPT has increased AI investment. The survey also raised a few interesting insights.

Key points 

  • 70% of organisations are currently experimenting with Generative AI, while 19% are in pilot or production mode.
  • 68% of executives believe that the benefits of generative AI outweigh the risks
  • 38% said that their primary focus for GenAI is on customer experience/retention
  • 26% said their focus was on revenue growth
  • 17% said their focus was on cost optimisation
  • 7% said it was for business continuity

Bottom line

There is no question Generative AI has created a tidal wave of interest in AI. Rightly so, there is considerable potential to use GenAI within all aspects of an enterprise. Focussing on core objectives helps clarify direction and approach.

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