Friday, 28 April, 2023

EU AI regulations coming soon

All AI systems may need to be reviewed soon! Yesterday, the EU lawmakers reached a provisional political agreement on AI regulation. What will this mean for global AI and GenerativeAI? [1]

Key points 
The main areas of AI regulation have been agreed upon and are being refined ahead of a vote in mid-June.

  • Stricter requirements for foundation models.
  • All artificial intelligence employed in the EU should adhere to EU rules and rights. – International AI is unclear.
  • Extend the restriction on biometric identification software.
  • Prohibition on “purposeful” manipulation – This may require explanation.
  • AI ‘suppliers’ may need evidence of risk management, transparency, and data governance. – It is still unclear whether this is self-regulated or independently audited.
  • Energy and water systems, for example, may be considered as high-risk infrastructure.
    Large recommender systems may be considered high-risk. The emphasis will be on removing bias in sensitive data for high-risk systems. Along with the legislation, broader AI technical guidance may be included.
  • High-risk systems should keep track of their environmental impact.

Outside EU? 
Even if many AI systems are built or reside outside the EU, they may be required to comply with EU regulations if utilised in the EU. This might be analogous to GDPR law, in which EU laws were formed and the rest of the world was required to alter its data policy to suit.

Definitive law?
Once the final legislative text is confirmed (possibly in mid-June), the specific requirements of this AI law will be determined.

Bottom line

Always design safe and robust AI systems with a strong governance infrastructure and regular evaluations. This reduces risk and increases trust in your technology.

If you haven’t already, this is a great moment to get ahead of the curve and review your strategy.

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Thank you to these excellent references for inspiring our thinking:

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