Friday, 14 October, 2022

State of AI report 2022

Every year Nathan Benaich and Ian Hogarth release an excellent report on The State of AI. The report shows the latest exciting developments in AI. The report covers AI research, industry, safety and predictions.

The AI industry moves rapidly, with new technological possibilities and opportunities appearing weekly. Sometimes, it is good to take stock. Now in its 5th year, the report takes a firm analytical approach to the industry. Nathan and Ian come from investment/analyst backgrounds and are skilled at cutting through the noise in order to spot key trends. It is a fascinating read every year, and seeing the progression over the decade.

Report ideal for

  • Leaders and managers – CIOs, CTOs, IT leaders
  • Investors – Fund managers, analysts

Key points

  • Research
    • Rise of diffusion models
    • AI is helping solve many more science problems than before
    • Huge rise in community-driven open-sourcing of large models
    • AI research is starting to look like cognitive science in approach
  • Industry
    • NVIDIA has a solid lead in AI semiconductors
    • Big tech companies expand AI offerings
    • First CE mark awarded to autonomous medical imaging diagnosis
  • Politics
    • Virtually no Large scale AI done in Academia
    • Academia looking at decentralised research collectives funded by non-traditional sources
    • American semiconductor industry is on the rise, but issues with geopolitical tensions
    • Huge amount of AI going into defence
  • Safety
    • AI safety increasing as well as awareness

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Critical thinking and insights – For leaders, managers

Despite the downturn in investment, AI is still considered a leading technology to invest in. No technology today crosses all aspects of business, helping reduce costs and increase opportunities. The report points out the areas that are getting more investment and indicates the areas with the most interest and focus.

Critical thinking and insights – For investors

AI investment had massive growth in 2021, but in 2022 it popped back to 2020 levels. This is equivalent to a $100M drop. However, VC investment has dropped by 53% year on year. There is considerable interest in biotechnology as new applications to solving life science problems are realised. The AI sector is estimated to have raised $70.9bn by the end of 2022. Despite the downturns, the number of unicorns is increasing. This is encouraging for the AI sector.

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