Tuesday, 18 October, 2022

State of AI report 2022 – Peak

In these fast moving times, it is always good to take stock and look at the state of play in AI. By examining the latest research is a great way to gauge AI thinking, judge maturity in the industry and develop better strategies for the future. Peak AI have released an interesting report on the State of AI 2022 that has raised a few interesting points. 

Report ideal for

  • Leaders and managers – CIOs, CTO’s, IT leaders
  • Developers and engineers – MLOps, AIOps, data engineers

Key points

  • 70% think that their org is data-driven
  • 86% of those AI across a small number of departments intend to extend to the entire business
  • 90% are already using AI or working towards doing so
  • 93% are using AI to assist with decisions, and 95% to automate decisions
  • 83% decision-makers universally agree there has been some level of digital transformation within their industry
  • 55% centralise data within a business
  • 54% establishing measurable goals for the use of data
  • 35% of those who have a data strategy say it includes a plan for AI
  • 42% have a chief data officer
  • 52% have at least one data engineer
  • 42% have at least one data scientist
  • 54% of CEOs think the company has embraced digital transformation, while only 35% of C-suite
  • 68% of US companies using AI, 84% of India, and 46% of the UK
  • 93% of businesses store their data in a data lake or warehouse

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Critical thinking and insights – For leaders, managers

AI should always be linked to business outcomes. Many companies still need an integrated AI strategy. This may be creating issues with AI model deployment. Recent research shows that many AI models do not progress to live status. A solid AI strategy linked to data and business strategy will improve cohesion and effectiveness.

Shift the focus from AI being an IT problem to a business problem fulfilling a specific business need. Also, good to create a solid AI/data culture with clear decision intelligence.

Critical thinking and insights – For developers and engineers

Every organisation has challenges when implementing AI across its teams. There needs to be concerted effort in focussing on the AI models’ outcome. This means there should be a complete buy-in from the team with a unified AI/data culture.

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Thank you, Peak for this interesting report and I look forward to 2023.

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