Tuesday, 4 October, 2022

Data Mesh talk by Zhamak Dehghani – Sept 2022

Rewire For Data Mesh: Atomic Steps To Rewire The Sociotechnical Backbone Of Your Organization, an Interesting talk by Zhamak Dehghani, the creator of the Data Mesh, speaks at Big Data London Sept 2022.

The data mesh is a new paradigm in thinking about data and decentralising data on the data stack. By understanding this theory, you can rethink your data strategy and management.

Key thinking and insights 

In the talk, she covers the principles of data mesh:

  • Handling complexity with data
  • Growth in data with universal investment increase
  • Shift in paradigm to address the complexity
  • Organisational bottlenecks – Centralisation, pipeline and siloes
  • Principles in Data Mesh – Domain ownership, data as a product, self-serve data infrastructure, federated computational governance
  • The market, community, vendors and anti-patterns
  • Steps to decentralised data sharing, technology gaps
  • Future and opportunity

Check the talk out now:

Key thinking and insights

The more I have read and heard about the data mesh, the more I can see the evolution of the modern data stack to a more commercially minded model. Decentralising data with a specific domain driven purpose will help shape value and drive ROI for enterprises. The more you can link data to end users, the more it will allow teams to focus on commercially driven results.

As data increases with volume and speed, complexity will increase. Approaches like Data Mesh are a perfect way to keep data in a business-minded framework while handling complexity easily.


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