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Wednesday, 29 June, 2022

Forrester – The End of AI Ambiguity Report – Analysis

The End of AI Ambiguity Report – Inrule/Forrester

An interesting report about using AI/ML for business decisioning. It is clear that AI/ML is becoming critical for business today. This is said to increase by 95% in three years time. One key aspect of the report was the need for explainability to reduce risk and reassure stakeholders. By being to improve the ability to explain outcomes in digital decisioning results in better decisioning and customer experience.

Key points in the report are:

  • 95% will use AI for business decisioning (In next 3 years)
  • 48% would increase their use of AI
  • 60% were concerned about reaching ethical goals
  • 57% said that AI will help assist human decision making
  • 40% developing automated systems of insight for internal teams
  • 45% use automated process management
  • 2/3 say that technological and operations may limit progress
  • 67% say decision process has become too complex and needs AI
  • Lots more….

Key takeaway and insight
The explosion of data is creating huge complexity with hard decisions in organisations. AI decisioning, helps speeds up time, improves accuracy and consistency of business decisions. AI/ML processing is already helping the decision process and will become increasingly important in the future. However, explainabilty will be key to its growth of adoption.

Read the report here (Needs email address only)

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