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Friday, 25 February, 2022

AI Natives Research Report 2022 – Analysis

What do consumers think about AI and the companies that embrace it? Do AI-driven products represent more opportunity or loss of control?

In this interesting ‘AI Natives’ report, Polengo gauges how customers think about AI technology. The idea is to look at AI perception and how to mitigate against this for successful AI implementation.

This is an exciting concept, as some clients/customers need more time to apply for AI. Knowing their concerns can allow you to plan your AI products and services for maximum impact.

Key finding 1

40% have not implemented specific AI technology as they think it does not exist yet.

Thoughts and insights: This is a shocking statistic as the technology exists. Therefore, this is an awareness thing. Good to demonstrate and educate the AI technology possibilities.

Key finding 2

“Nearly 2/3 of people think that over the next ten years, AI will have a positive impact.”

Thoughts and insights: Confidence in AI and data usage will always increase as technology and governance improves. The key is to address this head-on and build 100% confidence in your AI application.

Key finding 3

“Collaborating with AI is the new normal. People increasingly expect platforms, products and services to act like AI technologies.”

Thoughts and insights: The more companies use AI in their products and services, the more they lift the bar for the new normal.

Key finding 4

“61% of people feel more comfortable when companies clearly explain how they protect personal data.”

Thoughts and insights: The use of personal data is a susceptible area. Having good data governance in place helps strengthen the integrity of the technology and its use. Once power is in place, could you explain to customers how and what data is used? This will lead to higher confidence and adoption.

Key finding 5

“Technology is now one of the most important decision-making factors for consumers under the age of 45. It’s more important than customer service, design, social media, and even company leadership.”

Thoughts and insights: Technology is becoming super crucial throughout every strand of society. It has become the new norm and a benchmark standard for all companies. Companies should look at developing technologies that will add value to their customer’s experience.

In summary
This is an exciting report. It highlights a huge appetite for AI; the key to its success and adoption is the need for good data governance.

Read the report here – (Needs a few details)

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