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Latest key AI stats – November 2023

We keep a close eye on the most recent statistics and trends concerning AI and related technologies. In this way, we can provide our clients with up-to-date contextual data and analysis. Here are a few key metrics this month.

Latest key AI stats – November 2023

AI and holiday retail – Klarna 

“Over a third (36%) of US shoppers are open to exploring AI to enhance their shopping experience this holiday season, especially Millennials (53%), with Baby Boomers (16%) being the most hesitant.”

MN Tech thoughts – In the future, we will see unparalleled shifts in the use and acceptance of AI in shopping. We are already witnessing personalised recommendations, dynamic pricing, customer segmentation, voice commerce, chatbots, predictive analytics, and visual search capabilities. These statistics clearly show that acceptance of AI is rising, especially in the younger generations. Now is the time to harness the power of AI in e-commerce.

AI and work – Autonomy

As a result of AI “A four-day week (32-hours as full-time equivalent) could be achieved within a decade for 8.8 million workers (28% of the workforce in Great Britain)”

MN Tech thoughts – This is very possible. AI will augement humans work and help drive away long winded repetitive tasks. This will free up the work forforce to drive value in new ways. Companies that are looking to embed AI early on will be able to capitlize on this potential.

Generative AI use – Oreilly

“Two-thirds (67%) of our survey respondents report that their companies are using generative AI.”

MN Tech thoughts – It is amazing to think that hardly anyone was using GenAI this time last year. Today, companies are exploring the use of GenAI throughout. Generative AI has the potential to provide numerous significant benefits to businesses. These include enabling sales and marketing teams to generate content for diverse objectives, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity, and improving customer experience and personalisation. It has the capability to streamline operations, expedite product development, automate tasks, and enhance customer satisfaction. Given its capabilities, it is good for most companies to explore the benefits.

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