Saturday, 12 November, 2022

Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Tech business news and insights – November 2022

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important technologies of this century.

The development and application of AI technology change daily. To be ahead of the curve, I spend a lot of time analysing, filtering, distilling and developing the latest insights for all my clients.

Here are just a few interesting AI, ML, Big data, analytics, business, and technology news and articles that caught my eye this month. Please feel free to share with others.

AI business, economy news – November 2022

News and information from governments and organisations.

AI technology – November 2022

Here are some interesting AI technology this month.

  • MIT and sound – MIT University are looking at using ML to model the world with sound.

AI fintech – November 2022

Here are the significant movements in AI fintech this month.

AI Science and education – November 2022

Here is some exciting news on AI science and education this month.

AI in Government and organisations – November 2022

Here is some exciting news on AI in governments and organisations this month.

AI Discussion and thinking – November 2022

Here is some news on AI discussion points.

Stats and research – November 2022

Here are a few AI and stats to consider.

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I invest many hours researching the latest AI, technology, and business trends for all my clients. The knowledge is refined, distilled, and combined with many other forms of analysis and expertise to give the best advice possible. 

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