Monday, 1 August, 2022

Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Tech business news and insights – August 2022

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most critical technologies this century.

The development and application of AI technology change daily. To be ahead of the curve, I spend a lot of time analysing, filtering and distilling the latest insights for all my clients.

Here are just a few interesting AI, ML, Big data, analytics, business, and technology news and articles that caught my eye this month. Just so you know, this news will focus more on business than technology.

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AI business, economy news – August 2022

Here is some interesting AI news this month:

AI technology – August 2022

Here are some companies that are making the news in AI tech.

  • Google AI kitchen – Google has announced the release of its AI kitchen, where you can experiment with the latest AI tech.
  • AI cookieless tech – AI cookieless technology called SORT from Perion Network wins AI/ML award.
  • GFP-Gan – New AI systems that can take old worn photos and make them new once again.
  • Chatbot reduces wait times – NHS is trialling a chatbot that helps reduce NHS health wait times.
  • LocoProp – A new technique for backpropagation developed by Google.

AI fintech – August 2022

Here are the significant movements in AI fintech this month.

  • John Carmack’s AGI startup raises $20m – John co-founded Oculus and raises investment for his new AGI startup.
  • Lily AI raises $25M – Lily uses the latest machine vision AI capabilities to help understand consumer behaviour.
  • Airgram raises $10M – Airgram develop AI meeting assistant, has raised $10M
  • HyperTrack raises $25M – HyperTrack, AI assisted logistics App builders, have raised more funding for growth.
  • BigPanda raises $20M – AIOps company BigPanda raises a more investment with the help from UBS, and Well Fargo.
  • Headroom raises 9M – Headroom, a company that hopes to solve virtual meeting fatigue with AI, raises new funds.
  • Pliops raises $100M – Pliops develop data processing technology and has raised an additional $100M in funding.
  • MarqVision secures $20M – Innovative intellectual property platform connects further funding for growth.
  • Drover AI secures $5.4M – Drover AI, an AI IoT solutions company, secures Series A funding for growth.
  • Amazon buys iRobot – Amazon has acquired a leading domestic robot manufacturing company, iRobot, for $1.7 Billion. This will bring AI robots with Alexa into the home.
  • Jiminny raises $16.5M – Jiminny, a conversational intelligence company, raises $16.5 for future growth.

AI health/science – August 2022

Here are some of the top findings in science this month.

AI government – August 2022

News and information from governments and organisations.

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