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SWISS Air Lines is exploring opportunities with new data-driven AI platform

SWISS, SWISS Air Lines or SWISS International Air Lines (SWISS) have strategically worked with Google to develop a new cloud AI platform. This is a pioneering project for their group.

“SWISS can utilise dynamic parameters, such as passenger and cargo demand or individual aircraft performance, to better plan which type of aircraft will be most efficient for a particular route. The resulting fuel savings also help reduce SWISS’s carbon dioxide emissions.” – Swiss International Air Lines press release.  

Thoughts and insights

SWISS airlines, like many airlines, use and generate vast amounts of data. By leveraging vast amounts of data, they can learn or extract insights. This, in-turn, improves every aspect of their business. Collecting data is one thing, but using and extracting value is another. Building an AI/ML ecosystem can easily allow companies like SWISS to develop and deploy ML. Having an AI platform can bring many benefits throughout the organisation – Extracting insights/opportunities and reducing high unforeseen costs.

SWISS are clever by focussing on three main areas:

  1. Customers – Customer-driven AI, data infrastructure. Using AI to build efficiencies and features can add value to the customer experience and cost savings. With an AI platform in place, they can explore new opportunities.
  2. Operations  – Using data to improve the efficiency of the day-to-day operations and reduce costs at every level of the company.
  3. Environmental – There is enormous pressure on airlines to fulfil their ESG operations. Building a platform with this at its core will enable them to be more environmentally friendly and make in huge efficiencies too.

It is also encouraging to see large companies creating strategic alliances with cloud providers like Google. Historically, companies of this size developed in-house (on-prem) divisions for this. This flexible approach allows the company to have a turn-key infrastructure without the time/cost burden of building large tech/data divisions.

In the future, this approach will become a standard for most airline companies. It will be good to see how they use this technology and possibly spin it out to other airlines in their group.

More information
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