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Wednesday, 6 April, 2022

AI, data, analytics, tech business news and insights – April 2022

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important technologies this century.

The development and application of AI technology changes daily. In order to be ahead of the curve, I spend a lot of time analysing, filtering and distilling the latest insights for all my clients.

Here are just a few interesting AI, ML, Big data, analytics, business, and technology news articles that caught my eye this month. Please note that this news is going to focus more on business rather than technology.

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AI in business – April 2022

  • AI sports tickets – Italian’s Serie A club Roma developing AI to aid in managing ticketing system. The main aim is to offer targeted marketing opportunities. (News)
  • AI video streaming partnerships – Good to have solid partnerships. Confluent streaming service strengthens partnership with Microsoft to offer more powerful Azure, cloud and technology capabilities.
  • AI festival – WAICF – AI Cannes festival announced on April 14-16 2022, featuring the latest in AI. You will be able to learn about technology from leaders.
  • Mastercard acquires Dynamic yield – Mastercard has purchased dynamic yield from McDonald’s to help bolster then AI personalisation plans with their 2,000 data scientists and engineers.
  • Intel acquires AI company – Intel has acquirs Granulate, a Tel Aviv based AI software developers that optimise cloud and data centres. Interesting development for intel.
  • Boeing and Google forces – Boeing forms a partnership with Google to help fulfil its digital (Cloud, AI, analytics) aerospace ambitions.

AI use in industry – April 2022

  • AI fruit growing – University of Aberdeen are developing AI to forecast fruit harvest for the fruit industry. Accurate fruit forecasting could help better yield and reduce cost in the industry. (Article)
  • AI waste management – Waste management is really important industry.  AI can be extremely useful tool in overcoming the challenges. (Article)

AI technology – April 2022

  • AI with 540 Billion parameters – Google outline Pathways Language Model PaLM which is based on 540 Billion parameters with great performance. Google tested the new model with natural language interface, common-sense reasoning, In-context reading comprehension,  question answering and more.
  • Data bricks live tables – Databricks the AI company and pioneer of the data lakehouse have announced a new ELT framework for building simple data pipelines.
  • HP putting AI in space – HP has completed 24 experiments including AI and edge computing in space onboard the International Space Station. (News)

AI in government – April 2022

AI Surveys and research – April 2022

  • 2022 AI contact centre research – Latest in using AI in contact centres. ie the use of chatbots and AI strategy. (News)
  • Technology rules? – UK house of Lords report on technology (Report)
  • EU AI – EU falling behind the US and China for AI. New iteration of AI watch index (Report)

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