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Wednesday, 30 March, 2022

AI, data, analytics, tech business news and insights – March 2022

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important technologies this century.

The development and application of AI technology changes daily. In order to be ahead of the curve, I spend a lot of time analysing, filtering and distilling the latest insights for all my clients.

Here are just a few interesting AI, ML, Big data, analytics, business, and technology news articles that caught my eye this month. Please note that this news is going to focus more on business rather than technology.

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AI in business – March 2022

  • AI adoption – How To Get Workers On Board With AI (Article) – Getting AI adoption is paramount for any business. Written by Whit Andrews – Research Vice president Gartner.
    • Key points/insights – This is an interesting article outlining key ways of getting AI adopted in a business.
      • “Most workers want AI to help them get their jobs done.”
        Most are receptive to AI when they know how much can help their role and the business.
      • “If you ask business leaders whether their workers want to use artificial intelligence, most will assume the answer is “no.”…They presume workers see AI as invasive, or too complicated, or as putting their jobs at risk. Yet contrary to this popular belief, people who are employed are generally positive about AI. They believe it can help them avoid mistakes and solve problems, and they generally think it can make the world a better place.”
        This shows how it is good to have an honest dialogue with staff to measure expectations and reality.
      • “To get workers to actually commit to this, executives have to understand that these workers have real concerns about AI.” 
        This shows why it is good to have a honest discussion with the whole of the company and explain benefits.
      • “Communicate directly how AI will affect employees’ and customers’ privacy. Enumerate, dispel myths, tell the truth. Mandate that AI features primarily aid workers through assisting their decisions instead of eliminating them — especially the delicate decisions that demand common sense and care, Preserve popular aspects of work that bring co-workers, customers, constituents or other stakeholders together in live and even in-person interactions.”
        These are fantastic tips. Good to have a clear and unified AI strategy that incorporates clear communication with the team. The AI should be value adding to the team.
  • Serena Williams invests in supply chain AI solution (News) – Interesting news how Serena Ventures is investing in an AI company.
  • Microsoft completes acquisition of Nuance (News) – This advances Microsoft’s AI capabilities.
  • Build or buy AI (Article) – Great article on building or buying AI.
    • Key points/insights – This is a common question and one which every business will need to answer.
      • “While deciding between building or buying AI solutions, business leaders have to make sure that stakeholders and potential users are included in the decision-making process”
        This is very important. AI can have a huge impact on company and should be seen as an opportunity for the whole of the organisation even if tentatively looking at it.
      • “Understanding the Need to Adopt AI”
        The need or desire should be established first to get maximum buy-in.
      • “Defining the Decision Criteria”
        Good to consider all the variables that will influence your decision. Also good to produce a cost/benefit analysis.
  • AI and Analytics  (Article) – Great article on AI and analytics in you business.
  • BT selects Google cloud as partner (News) – This is huge business news in cloud and telecoms sector. They will be able to leverage cloud and AI services.
  • Decision intelligence and AI (Article) – Interesting article about the power of decision intelligence and putting AI to the center of each business.
  • AI in recruitment (Article) – AI is being used in recruitment in many ways.
  • AI helping sales (Article) – Interesting article on 5 ways AI is helping enterprise sales.
  • Selecting an ideal AI project (Article) – Some great pointers on selecting an AI project.
  • AI predictions (Article) – 3 predictions for how business will use AI in the future.
  • AI in manufacturing (Article) –  Here are 4 x AI improvements.
  • AI driven organisation (Part 1) (Part 2) (Article) – To get the best out of AI, it is good to become AI driven.
  • AI in business – Interesting discussion between Ganesh Padmanabhan and Tom Davenport about applying AI in your business.

AI business case studies – March 2022

  • Wind turbines using AI (Case study) – Microsoft article on how AI can help the wind energy sector. The example highlights Vesas, a company who is using AI to optimize wind energy efficiency for customers throughout 85 countries.
    Key points/insights – Vestas is not the first company to develop AI technology for wind energy industry. However, this did not deter them. They looked at the issues with turbine placement and energy production and produced saleable/adaptable solution for maximising energy efficacy. With AI, there is no one size fits all. By looking deeply into the use case, addressing key issues, companies can find opportunities and develop commercially effective AI. This can transform a company and open new markets.

AI stats – March 2022

  • UK AI statistics (Stats) – The growth of AI in the UK is set to be worth $15.6 billion UK pounds in 2020 and set to increase in the next few years.
    Key points/insights (Stats) – What is striking is the low but growing AI adoption. The investment in AI is huge and now it a great time to develop AI and get investment.
  • Employment and AI (Stats) – New study finds Under 1/4 of firms report that introducing AI has led to a loss of jobs.

AI technology – March 2022

AI in society – March 2022

AI reports – March 2022

  • AI for the real world (Report) – A good report on how to apply AI.
  • Stanford 2022 AI Index report (Report) – Latest report on the state of play of AI around the world.
  • Top IT companies – New Mckinsey Global Survey (Report) – Survey monitors latest technology trends
    Key points/insights – Mckinsey reports are always conclusive and insightful. One interesting stat in this survey is about top performing IT companies. The top 73% of companies have leaders who are involved in company wide strategies. This may seem obvious. Tech/AI are becoming central to companies operations of company. Therefore, this shows that, by having IT leaders helping steer the strategy is a good thing.
  • SME, AI and robots (Report) – Over half small businesses believe they’ll be employing robots by the year 2035.

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