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ovm9284 camera

The new CameraCubeChip cameras from Omnivision is set to be a game changer for on board car driver monitoring. The new wafer level camera is only 6.5 sq mm sporting a 1MP giving a whopping 1280 x 800 res, 940nm night vision with low power capabilities. That is pretty small and extremely useful too for many other applications.

OmniVision’s OVM9284 is a 1 megapixel (MP) CameraCubeChip™ automotive-grade, wafer-level camera. This module has a compact size of 6.5 x 6.5 mm to provide driver monitoring system (DMS) designers with maximum flexibility on placement within the cabin while remaining hidden from view. Additionally, it has the lowest power consumption among automotive camera modules—over 50% lower than the nearest competitor—enabling it to run continuously in the tightest of spaces and at the lowest possible temperatures for maximum image quality.

My key thoughts

  • This camera is different from other DMS (Driver Monitoring Systems) as it does not have an ugly big lens.
  • The low power consumption means a car or lorry could be peppered with cameras to allow drive to have wrap around vision.
  • The 1mp res is ample for most viewing on a vehicles.
  • With increased cameras could mean reduced insurance costs
  • The 980nm sensitivity means that camera will pickup vision in near pitch black so no need for extra power hungry IR’s.
  • The integration of OmniVision’s image sensor, signal processor and wafer-level optics is going to help faster processing speeds and wider applications

More information

Official Omnivision press release – click here
The camera details – click here


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