World’s First Intelligent Vision Sensors with AI Processing

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AI sensor

Sensors technology has always talked about the day when there is processing on board. Sony have just release a new IMX500 sensor with AI technology as standard. This is game changer.

‘These products expand the opportunities to develop AI-equipped cameras, enabling a diverse range of applications in the retail and industrial equipment industries and contributing to building optimal systems that link with the cloud.

The new sensor products feature a stacked configuration consisting of a pixel chip and logic chip. They are the world’s first image sensor to be equipped with AI image analysis and processing functionality on the logic chip. The signal acquired by the pixel chip is processed via AI on the sensor, eliminating the need for high-performance processors or external memory, enabling the development of edge AI systems.

SONY AI sensor
Stacked sensor design with AI features

The sensor outputs metadata (semantic information belonging to image data) instead of image information, making for reduced data volume and addressing privacy concerns. Moreover, the AI capability makes it possible to deliver diverse functionality for versatile applications, such as real-time object tracking with high-speed AI processing. Different AI models can also be chosen by rewriting internal memory in accordance with user requirements or the conditions of the location where the system is being used.

AI sensor with programmed meta data
AI meta data

This technology, says Mark Hanson, vice president of technology and business innovation for Sony Corp. of America, means practically zero latency between the image capture and its processing; low power consumption enabling IoT devices to run for months on a single battery; enhanced privacy; and far lower costs than smart cameras that use traditional image sensors and separate processors.Article in IEEE Spectrum

Detect images with AI sensor
Detect and register certain objects with ease
Sony AI sensor
AI applications for sensor

My key thoughts

  • AI processing at board level will allow optimum speed for processing and reduce bandwidth and latency issues.
  • Having the ability to model or ‘program’ the parameters to flag certain things is genius.
  • The flexibility of the cameras allows one camera to suit many applications.
  • The low power consumption will be perfect for remote CCTV solutions or IOT gadgets.

More information

Press release by SONY
Article in IEEE spectrum

SONY images

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