Worlds fastest camera – 70 trillion frames per second

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Super fast camera

Every year there are new camera innovations. A mind boggling, 70 Trillion Frames Per Second, camera has been developed by the talented team at Caltech. It has huge potential for science.

The camera was published in Nature Communications journal and opens the doors in understanding the world around us including nuclear fusion to decaying particles.

Historically, random shots were taken and repeated and compared over a period of time. This created a huge data set and a lot of processing. The new camera can give an insight into one action at super speeds.

The technology which Lihong Wang (professor at Caltech) calls CUSP – Compressed Ultrafast Spectral Photography uses pulses of laser lasting one femtosecond. The image is split into two, one travels through a micromirror, decoding the signal into a binary pattern. The signal is then relayed to a streak camera which measures the light intensity. The other split beam goes through a beamslitter where it breaks up the pulse into a series of oscillations. This then triggers a camera at 70 trillion times per second.

My key thoughts

  • The technology will open the doors to learning a lot more about the world around us
  • Super fast cameras are perfect for reducing the amount of random record and compare technology.
  • The technology is super expensive at the moment, but there will be a matter of time when this will be reduced as well as the price tag.

More information

Nature Communications journal
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Image from paper

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