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Tesla Autonomy

The most successful AI is happening in the background without you knowing. When last did you take a photo from your phone the camera auto calibrated the speed, aperture and finish without you knowing.

Sometimes it is good to be able to visualise the process behind the thinking. This is so important in the world of AI safety. Take for example the Tesla Autonomy feature. Having the ability to visualise the processing gives the view an idea of the volume of processing and assurance that a self driving car is thinking of everything.

Tesla Autonomy

The scanning technology is passing information into the AI processor. It is millions of calculations:

  • Car metrics: Number, speed, size, orientation
  • Driving condition metrics: Road surface, dry or wet etc
  • Other objects: Number, speed, size and orientation
  • Fixed objects: Number, position, size and relation

By being able to see what it ‘sees’, it gives us an idea how quickly the car sees objects and how it can manoeuvre to a better position. The psychology is that you feel assured, trusting the technology.

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