The Talking Dog – Immersion in new technology by Nicolas Babin

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Nicholas babin

I first came aware of Nicholas from twitter, where his insightful tweets and retweets are a window to the latest in the digital world. In one tweet, he casually mentioned his book ‘ The Talking Dog – Immersion in new technology by Nicolas Babin’. Surprised, I promptly bought and downloaded it.

Time marched on with the zillions of daily things to do. However, I was aware I had the book and made sure I cleared the diary to start reading my new found purchase. I was not disappointed! His book is a wonderful technological journey through is life from growing up in France to the dizzy heights of Sony and returning home to run his own digital consultancy.

Reading his book brought many parallels in life and thinking. One such early example was when he got his first Sinclair computer from his parent in the early 80’s. I too, got one from my parents, who saved for months and months, in the cash strapped 80’s UK. Funny enough, it also kick started my thirst for tech too! Reading this, I realised I was in great company.

His book is a wonderful read, full of interesting technological observations, thoughts and projections like – ‘Technology is there to augment the human and to help humans make decisions to be more efficient.’ So, so true!

Once started reading the book, I found it very hard to put down and had to finish in one go! It was so worth it.

Thank you Nicolas for a lovely read and can’t wait for the next book.

Mike Nash

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