The Linux foundation – State of the edge report 2021 – Key insights

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State of edge computing

Every year The Linux Foundation release a report on edge computing which is always a fascinating read. It is even more interested as it features AI too.

An interesting read with some very good insights below.

Key insights

“This hyper-connectivity will also cause a transition from vertically-integrated, industry-specific solutions to horizontal platforms where all systems can process relevant data and exchange knowledge for Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based automation. Some speculate that this will be the impetus for the next Industrial Revolution, with AI, Machine Learning ML and distributed ledger technologies driving the decentralization of computing, communications and business processes.

Totally agree, once hyper-connectivity happens, there will be more processing on the edge with AI to get greater insights. The beauty of edge AI processing is that it give speed and solve latency issues.

We estimate that between 2019 and 2028, cumulative capital expenditures of up to $800 billion USD will be spent on new and replacement IT server equipment and edge computing facilities

That is a huge jump on previous years. Expect as more digital transformation and edge processing, this will increase.

We are in the midst of a transition from the mobile internet to the hyper-connected era……impetus for the next Industrial Revolution, with AI, Machine Learning ML and distributed ledger technologies driving the decentralization of computing, communications and business processes.

Totally agree, with the explosion of data and the need to ‘process’ and get insights is key.

In 2028, it is forecast that 4.6% of the global Infrastructure Edge footprint will be associated with traditional retail use cases.

As cost rise and shopping habits change there will be a huge rise in edge use. It may even exceed these projections as the curve of demand increases.

In the longer term, we expect that mobile and residential consumer use cases will
contribute to 35-40% of global infrastructure edge demand.

These are huge figures and will be interesting to see if the infrastructure needs to be improved ie broadband etc.

2021 will bring more variety inside the box as well: Arm server processors, AI processing chips, GPUs, SmartNICs (Smart Network Interface Controllers) and FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) boards will be State of the Edge 2021: A Market and Ecosystem Report for Edge Computing 27 increasingly common. The wider range of workloads performed at the edge will increase the heterogeneity of hardware, resulting in a wide range of CPUs, as well as new kinds of hardware and network accelerators.

There has been a huge upswing of AI semi-conductor manufactures appearing giving credence to the demand for more edge processing. The more manufacturers will mean more availability of edge AI good prices.

Intel, Nvidia and AMD are also making moves to offer full hardware and software stacks for data centers, including at the edge. Intel is launching its first discrete GPU, alongside IoT-specific hardware, AI acceleration hardware, FPGAs and SmartNICs, Xeon instructions designed to boost inferencing speed on CPUs, and composable network switches based on silicon photonics

As more platforms compete, they will want to offer full capable AI stacks.

This rise in hardware acceleration reflects the importance of AI and other computationally-intensive workloads at the edge

Totally agree and as AI gets more intensive, this will become more important.


This is cracking report with a lot of very good first use cases on the technology. Edge computing is exciting and shows a distinct shift to localised computing.

You can get the report here (FREE – With a few details needed)

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