Tech sketch: AI plaster concept

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AI plaster concept

Plasters or coverings are designed to protect the user from infection. With a digital AI plaster, the technology will be able to monitor for any warnings signs of infection etc.

  1. Stick the plaster on
  2. Sensors in the plaster detect chemical/bacteria/heat levels. This is then transmitted to a mobile
  3. The signal is transmitted to a mobile
  4. A special AI app monitors levels, interacts with the cloud (5) and alerts you or a doctor if there are any issues to be concerned about

The idea is that the AI app will constantly monitor a serious injury for the signs of change. The app will interact with the cloud, comparing and updating aggregated data in the cloud. This concept could be used on patients whose immunity is very low and could be used in dressings and casts.

Why AI?
The Artificial Intelligence is a great way to compare a lot of statistical data and spot anomalies. Once the AI algorithm is ‘trained’ to spot issues, it will continuously monitor and improve to become more and more accurate. With the combination of sensors and detailed analysis, the system could possibly reduce the amount of sepsis thus saving many lives.

The AI strategy in a nutshell
To process sensory data quickly, compare and alert quickly.

The AI usage case
A person who has just had a serious illness and needs monitoring.

AI recommendation notes for project
Here are a few notes on AI that I would consider looking at.

  • Good strategy – Have several strategies for the business model, product and the AI
  • Develop the technology so efficient for AI application
  • Try and produce the cleanest, relevant data
  • Look a processing all or some on the cloud
  • Have a clear development road map for whole AI project

Tech sketch concept.
I have many AI and technology concepts and ideas over the years. Normally these are conceived and noted daily. I thought I would share them as they may inspire further development and the clearer understanding of how AI plays a key role. Please do contact me if this sparks your imagination.

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