Tech sketch: AI health monitoring watch concept

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health monitoring watch

One of the most exciting things about AI is that it can spot patterns quickly and easily. One the biggest applications is in the health sector. However, most of the analysis is when there is a sign of a health issue. If you had a health watch (or band) that had various sensors built it for detecting health issues. This is how it could work.

The watch could detect several metrics; moisture, heart rate, blood pressure, activity etc. The data is then processed either in the watch (locally/edge) or transmitted to the cloud through various algorithms. The idea is that the technology will compare metrics with AI helping detecting any potential health issues. It could then alert a specialists, potentially saving many lives.

Why AI?
The Artificial Intelligence is a great way to compare lots of data, far more than we can do at every moment in the day. Once the AI algorithm is ‘trained’ to compare metrics and spot issues, it will then alert if needed. The AI should be designed to self improve over time, becoming more accurate. This in turn could save many lives.

The AI strategy in a nutshell
To compare the data and give the most accurate reading possible and improve over time.

The AI usage case
A person with a medical condition using the watch to spot an issue early on.

AI recommendation notes for project
Here are a few notes on AI that I would consider looking at.

  • Strategy is key – Have a full AI strategy in place aligned with other strategies like business, product development and data governance strategies
  • Use the best sensors to give the most accurate data possible
  • Try and produce the cleanest, relevant data with no manual data handling.
  • Design the algorithm to match the sensors for pure end to end code
  • Way up between edge, cloud, or both AI processing
  • Use an optimal technology stack to process data in real-time
  • Have a clear development road map to capture the improvement over time

Tech sketch concept.
I have many AI and technology concepts and ideas over the years. Normally these are conceived and noted daily. I thought I would share them as they may inspire further development and the clearer understanding of how AI plays a key role. Please do contact me if this sparks your imagination.

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