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Curved sensor

New patents reveal Sony are possibly looking at curved sensors. This is not the first as first designed by University of Illinois in 2008.

Apparently Kazuichiro Itonaga, a device manager with Sony’s R&D Platform: “A curved CMOS sensor has a few advantages over a planar sensor, Itonaga said. Because of the geometry, it can be paired with a flatter lens and a larger aperture, which lets in more light. Photodiodes at the periphery of a sensor array will be bent toward the center, which means light rays will hit them straight on instead of obliquely. What’s more, the strain induced on a CMOS sensor by bending it alters the band gap of the silicon devices in the sensor region, lowering the noise created by ‘dark current’ – the current that flows through a pixel even when it is receiving no external light.”

Interesting to take a natural object like the eye and mimic this in technology to get optimum quality. Evolutionary engineering at its best.

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