Sony AI future

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SONY AI future

Sony has for decades been at the forefront of consumer electronics. They have developed huge brands such as Walkman, Playstation, Bravio have become leaders in their field. They stepped beyond this in 1996 exploring camera sensor technology. Within 24 years, they have reached over 50% of the camera sensor market.

The explosion of smartphones has fuelled the need for smarter and better sensors. In 2010, total image sensors sales were under $2 billon/year. Today, smartphone camera sensors account for $8 alone. This is only set to rise as cameras in security devices, medical devices, cars, drones and more.

Sony are now focusing cameras with built in brains. Their computer vision image sensors take ordinary video and give it intelligence. One technology is the DepthSense that intelligently sees in 3d, opening up huge possibilities for machine vision. These are starting to become a standard for commercial products too including the latest ipads, iphones.

History shows that SONY corporation’s pin point focus on quality, adding value and determination, has helped dominate in most markets. Everything takes time, but there is no question these are exciting times for SONY’s future.

AI sensor technology is revolutionising most industries. AI turns a passive image sensor into a intelligent AI sensor with ROI potential. SONY with their state of the art AI sensor technology is poised dominate the industry and will become a major aspect of their future success and revenue.

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