Snapchat AR

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Snapchat AR

Snap Inc has announced a new camera and Augmented Reality experience for its snapchat platform. The new feature will allow companies to have interactive ‘lenses’ for a massively growing userbase.

Snapchat now has over 170 million daily users that interact over 30 times using AR technology. They have just launched their Lens Studio, which helps retailers build AR features to snap chat.

Other features include:

  • Local lenses
  • Scanning – press and hold
  • Plantsnap – where recognises certain plan
  • Voice scan

My key thoughts

  • As platform competition grows, innovation and evolution will be key to success. The new features will add another usability dimension to the platform. This should in-turn attract new users.
  • The new lenses are a perfect mechanism for monetising the technology. Companies will be able to advertise interactively.
  • The new technology is a step toward a wider acceptance of AR.

More information

Snap chat press release – click here


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