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According to PR Newswire: SmartSens Technology today announces the official launch of SC210IoT – a 1080P 30fps low power video sensor specifically designed to power Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

It is estimated that 127 new IoT devices are connected to the web every second, and an installation of 31 billion IoT devices will be installed worldwide by the end of 2020 (Security Today, January 2020). During the next three years, companies are believed to invest up to $1.1 Trillion in in IoT (, March 2020). As companies race to stay competitive, there are several crucial advancements that will determine the future of the industry for the next decade.

As in the case of other SmartSens products unveiled recently, what sets SC210IoT apart are the multiple significant enhancements it brings to the whole new generation of smart devices: superior low-light sensitivity, AEC function to enable fast wake-up from intermittent system operation, lowered power consumption optimized for always-on everyday applications.

CIS – the core component of IoT smart vision systems
SC210IoT also achieves ultra-low power consumption, which preserves video bandwidth for waking and recording visuals upon detection – leading to longer battery operation for “always-on” devices

My key thoughts

  • Devices will need image sensors to see, monitor and report.
  • Remote devices are restricted by power. With a low power sensor, they can be placed anywhere thus widening markets
  • Having a sensor that is always on, they will be quicker, giving best results across IOT networks.

More information

Smartsens press release

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Pictures – Smartsens Technology

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