Smartphones Vs Cameras

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Smartphone v camera

There is no question that there has been an explosion of smartphones that have decimated camera market. It is a question of time before the gap in image quality closes. Great article by DXMARK.

Intro from article

At DXOMARK we have watched over the years as smartphone cameras have gone from being a novelty to becoming the world’s most popular way of capturing photographs. In a keynote session at Electronic Imaging 2020, our CEO and CTO, Frederic Guichard, began by providing a historical perspective on the rise of smartphone photography and how it has been made possible by impressive advances in technology. He then demonstrated how smartphone cameras compare today with current standalone digital cameras, and how they have different strengths and weaknesses. Finally, he presented a case for the roles of smartphones and cameras, and speculated about how they are likely to evolve in the future.

Camera sales over time – Copyright DXMARK

Main points

  • 2003 the start of smartphone explosion
  • 2013 – Camera phones outselling cameras
  • Convenience and ease of use is the key
  • Cloud connectivity becoming popular
  • Sensor technology getting smaller and just as good as DSLR
  • More powerful phones means better image processing
  • Digital cameras are about telling stories. They have to offer something different to smart phones

Summary and comment

Great article charting the main differences between the two technology. I think that there will be more hybridisation between the two technologies. Ie Canon will team up with a mobile company etc. This will allow greater market penetration.


Smartphones vs Cameras: Closing the gap on image quality

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