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One the of biggest barriers to buying products online is ‘Will it suite me’. ‘Will it look nice?’ This momentary mental check, raises doubt in the mind of the prospective buyer, potentially scuppering a sale. No more…. Augmented Reality (AI), is reducing this barrier to buying by creating a better physical connection in a virtual world.

Take for example Jewellery. The only way to see if it suites is to either travel to a store and try it on or use your imagination from a website. The wider the distance a potential customer is try to make the connection between a 2D picture and wearing it, stops the momentum of wanting and buying. Augmented Reality not only closes this gap, but allows a buyer to try on as many things as possible in the store. Evidence shows that this technology can improve conversions to sale especially, with something as personal as jewellery. For example….

Tryon augmented reality

Tryon – A SaaS company license their technology as the new generation of Jewellery shopping. I can see why. Not only can shoppers see what the jewellery is like, they can virtually wear it. Whatever scale of business, this technology helps buyers get closer to the product and the brand.

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