Concept – AI science data foundation

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The concept – AI science data foundation

To develop a global foundation that is a repository for non sensitive scientific imagery or data. The idea is that new AI technology can use the data for curing global medical and science problems like most cancers, neurological issues etc.

The problem

The biggest issue in medical, scientific AI is getting good labelled data. Most are placed in siloes and unlabelled or firewalled from general use. For AI to be successful, the size and quality of data should be right.

The solution

The foundations job will be to win more scientific scans or data for use centrally. Their job will be to clean and label them ready for use. The foundation will be part funded by most of the scientific, pharmaceutical orgs as well as technology companies.

The benefits

The benefits could be:

  • Solve world issues like cancer, Alzheimer’s etc
  • A dedicated non profit organisation for developing the best data possible
  • Win for public and win for companies who invest

Why Tech Think Tank

The Tech Think Tank is an area for all my many tech and business ideas. I speak to many AI, data, technologist and leading experts around the world and new ideas popup along the way. Rather than sit on them, I thought I would share them with the world. Hopefully, it will spark new start-ups or new frontiers for others as well as demonstrate the thinking or investment I give all my clients.

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