Samsung Isocell GN1 with dual pixel autofocus sensors

Isocell sensor

Samsung has released the new Isocell GN1 sensor. The leading Korean electronics company has invested over 133 trillion into chip technology resulting in exciting new tech like GN1.

The GN1 technology is predominately for smart the phone market. It features:

  • 50MP high resolution – Higher definition from a standard size
  • Dual pixel technology – 100 million phase-detecting photodiodes for increasing resolution. Combining two photodiodes will help increase resolution and light sensitivity.
  • Auto focusing at pixel level – Using PDAF agents to give sensor level focussing.
  • Tetracell technology – Doubles the pixel size and quadruples the light sensitivity.
  • Smart-ISO technology – Intelligently chooses ISO with built in HDR.

Samsung are currently second in global sensor market, second to SONY who currently supplies sensors for Apple iPhone.

My key thoughts

  • Merging two photodiodes is genius as this reduces space and increases resolution.
  • Huge move to more chip processing will help speed up operation and reduce power.
  • Samsung’s huge investment in this area will help push the technology with better end results

More information

Samsung 133 Trillion investment

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