Samsung Isocell GN1 camera sensor features

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Isocell sensor

The new Samsung Isocell GN1 set to be a game changer for cameras on smart phones. Following an earlier Samsung GN1 article, we are learning more about this exciting technology. Features include:

  • 50MP image sensor with 1.2 um pixels giving a whopping 8,160 x 6144 pixels.
  • Tetracell technology – Gives higher quality by arranging pixels with the same colour filter right next to each other.
  • Isocell technology – Where barriers are put to isolate pixels, allowing more light to the lens.
  • Dual pixel technology – Combined with software algorithms can offer resolutions upto 100MP.
  • Ultra fast focusing – Uses over 100 million phase detection focus units. Each unit has micro lenses ontop of each pixel giving definition. Uses phase detection autofocus.
  • Range of sizes – Chips will come in a range of sizes for different application. Bigger chips mainly for light sensitivity.

My key thoughts

  • By changing the way light hits the photodiodes can prove interesting results.
  • Each pixel is said to take multiple exposure and combine then for higher HDR image.
  • Uses a native ISO able to accurately adjust to brighter environments.
  • The new sensor jams a lot into the technology and set to close the gap between camera phones and DSLR’s

More information

Samsung press release – click here


Samsung photo and vido

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