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Pixar and AI

3d animation has gone a long way from the early 3d animated features produced on huge ‘farms’ of main frame computers. The lengthiest part of production is the final rendering of each frame. PIXAR has turned this on its head by using AI to upscale rendering and reducing production time immensely.

Upscaling techniques are commonly used to create high resolution images, which are cost prohibitive or even impossible to produce otherwise. In recent years, deep learning methods have improved the detail and sharpness of upscaled images over traditional algorithms.

Pixar created an algorithm that compared many low resolution and high renderings of their major animated movies. They built a huge resource of ‘trained’ data for future renderings. This then allowed them to automatically produce high resolution frames from lower resolution versions, saving them thousands of hours of computer processing with click of a button.

My key thoughts

  • Use of AI can save a huge amount of time and computing power
  • The key to this technology is the training data for the algorithm
  • AI has also has implications on reduction of energy usage too
  • Not only will AI have an affect on humans, it will have an affect on technology too
  • A perfect demonstration where AI saves time

More information

Pixar AI paper – click here


Pixar quote – Thanks to Vaibhav Vavilala and Mark Meyer at Pixar
Dassell for the image

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