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Artificial Intelligence is exploding with possibilities today. Most companies are using AI to develop new opportunities, reduce costs and improve the customer experience. There are so many technologies with so many approaches that can change daily. This task is not easy, but I can help speed up this process and get the best people, technology and approach for your company. 

Whether you are new to AI or already using AI technology. Whether you are outsourcing or internally developing, whether you to need expert advice on the short term or long term, my aim to find and give the best AI advice, support possible to make your project a success. 

I am technology and developer neutral with a key focus on maximise ROI for your company for the short and long term. Try our AI finder service or contact me today. 

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Wildlife Insights

Conserving wildlife with AI

This week launched Wildlife Insights – A wildlife conservation portal that is designed to collate the worlds trail camera pictures to give a greater understanding of wildlife populations. All users…
AR surgery

Augmented Reality scans

Augmented reality is starting to revolutionise the medical world. Soon surgeons will be using AR glasses to superimpose scans over live views through specialist headsets. This means the surgeons get…
Top 50

Top 50 US AI companies by Forbes

In the last 10 years there has been an explosion of AI startups. This is no surprise as technology becomes better, time and cost become precious, interest in AI has…
Pixar and AI

To AI and beyond

3d animation has gone a long way from the early 3d animated features produced on huge ‘farms’ of main frame computers. The lengthiest part of production is the final rendering…
Google 360

Google’s new 360 video LIVE technology

Google is introducing Swirl, a new interactive 3d video feature ideal for retailers. ‘Marketers have more opportunities than ever before to deliver engaging ad experiences through immersive creative. Many companies…


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