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Nvidia AI

 NVIDIA, the leading hardware manufacturer are focusing on AI as major part of its business. Already it has:

  • Omniverse – Cloud based imaging framework with Pixar with enhanced AI based ray tracing technology.
  • Mellanox – Networking hardware to allow its fast processors to talk to the cloud.
  • Merlin – Data processing system so cloud based AI applications.
  • Jarvis – Algorithms that combine with customers data to create automated services.
  • EGX – AI and robotics platform, for pushing intelligence to devices.
  • AGX – Automated processing from cars to robots.
  • National AI strategy – Global advice on how AI is changing the nature of work.

NVIDIA are clearly more than just a GPU designer, stepping to infrastructure and software development. This move is allowing faster processing from device to cloud. They have invested heavily in to, AI, deep learning and machine learning over several years and now.

My key thoughts

  • Devices are starting to require large processors to manage the data. This simply cannot be on the device and will require fast cloud based processing with connectivity.
  • NVIDIA boards are used in some of the most information crunching computers
  • By owning and engineering allied technology, NVIDIA is creating a faster point to point platform.
  • NVIDIA is stepping far beyond graphic cards and really laying a firm foundation for a bigger AI future.
  • Exciting times ahead and a company to watch.

More information

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