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Intel realsense

Intel have really upped their game with the new range of 3d cameras especially the D455. These little cameras are ideal for monitoring anything in 3d. The footage can be up to 1280×720 active stereo depth resolution and connect via USB-C making them perfect for collison avoidence, 3d scanning, digital signage, volumetric measuring and vision based products.

The D455 uses the same open source Intel RealSense SDK 2.0 as all other current generation Intel RealSense Depth Cameras, which is platform independent, supporting Windows, Linux, Android and macOS. This includes wrappers for many common platforms, languages and engines.

My key thoughts

  • There is a huge need for depth cameras, from collision detection to machine learning.
  • The open source aspect of the camera make it incredibly flexible with whatever platform.
  • The newer more accurate measuring and onboard calibration mean less errors and more options.
  • This camera could be used in a number of applications in AI.
  • Despite the image, it is tiny and flexible. Great bit of kit and will have to try.

More information

Intel page for product



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