New Google AI patent registered

Google patent

Google have just filed an interesting AI patent. Named ‘Segmenting objects by refining shape priors’. The patent looks to be an AI algorithm for detecting and determining objects.

This specification generally describes a system implemented as computer programs on one or more computers in one or more locations that performs instance segmentation by detecting and segmenting individual objects in an image.

My key thoughts

  • An interesting patent with a wide scope of applications in all forms of AI and machine learning. Can’t wait to see the applications for this.
  • In the new gold rush of AI, there will be race to register technology, theory and algorithms. Watch this space.

More information

Read the patent here


Google patent

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2 thoughts on “New Google AI patent registered”

  1. Hi Mike,

    Google have developed some amazing AI tech over the years. This is logical extension to their armoury. Looking at the specs, it seems like an impressive algorithm possibly either used with online analysis or a device.

    Thanks for the heads up,


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