Mars 2020 rover with 23 cameras

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Mars Rover cameras

Always excited to hear of the next NASA mission. Apparently, the shiny new 2020 mission is going to include a Rover with 23 cameras! (#1) These high end, bespoke imaging cameras will help landing, monitoring, distance and loads more. The most crucial will be stereoscopic cameras that will help the Rover traverse Mars with ease.

So love this technology and shows how important cameras are for science.

  • HazCams – Hazard avoidance cameras
  • MastCam-Z – Pair of cameras that records colour images and video, 3d stereo images with zoom lens. Perfect for looking at things and first person view
  • SuperCam – Fires a laser at a rock (uptp 20ft) and the camera looks at colours along with the spectrometer – Chemcam
  • PIXL – Micro camera for uses xray to see elemental compositions
  • Sherloc – Macro camera that takes extreme close-ups
  • Watson – One of the cameras on the arm to look at rocks and their textures.

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