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levi and AI

Levi Strauss, the leading US jeans manufacturer has turned the dial past 10 on AI. After hiring an AI strategist, they are completing a whole raft of AI projects within the company. Already they are seeing ROI.

Their AI includes:

  • Levi’s using AI to better serve customers and manage supply chain. It including:
  • Developing an AI in-house training program
  • Using AI could to boost investment
  • Using AI in loyalty app for greater personalisation creating rise in order value
  • Developing an AI recommendation engine
  • Using AI/computer vision in stores
  • Using AI assisted search for website

My insights

Levi have probably amassed a huge amount of data over the years. Having an AI strategy will increase sales, reduce costs and manage the supply pipeline. Once a strategy is in place, AI can be added to various aspects of the company. This is a great move by the company and more are sure to follow.

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