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CCTV AI technology

CCTV has come a long way from big bulky, steam driven monoliths, stuck to side of buildings. Today, they have shrunk to a fraction of the original size and ballooned in resolution and features. Most cameras today have pre and post processing, helping improve quality, reducing false triggers in various light conditions. Some step beyond this to intelligent area detection and LIVE remote alerts.

Cameras are evolving into intelligent machines with faster chip level AI processing. Gone will be the days of a passive image capture. Increased camera processing opens huge possibilities for businesses. The footage is being processed to gather more information and help a business be more intelligent.

For example, if you were a store owner, the camera will process a central database and alert you about the known potential threat. You can then get security to intercept this threat and deport the person before anything happens.

Beyond security, the technology will give useful Artificial Intelligence (AI) metrics of shoppers. It will build metrics of how long shoppers are in store, how long they browse, hotspots of browsing, the frequency of visits combined with detailed spend analysis. This data, combined with detailed metrics of missed footfall outside the shop can help build valuable commercial insights that would be missed.

As a shop owner, you will be able to tweak your marketing, store signage, layout as well as point of sale. The combination of live analysis and adjustment approach could make a huge difference to your bottom line, giving you the edge over your opposition.

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