Perfect antidote – The Intelligence Revolution – Transforming your business – Bernard Marr

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The intelligence revolution

Whilst recovering from my first Covid jab I grabbed a copy of ‘The Intelligence Revolution – Transforming your business with AI by Bernard Marr. In short…what a terrific read.

If you are in a business or organisation, thinking of starting an AI project, this book is for you. Bernard clearly outlines the practical, real-world, insights on how to setup and succeed with Artificial Intelligence. There is a huge shortage of knowledge in this area and this book was a perfect antidote for this. It was also a perfect antidote for my recovery too!

I would highly recommend this book to all businesses, orgs, institutions interested in AI. This book is a ideal primer for those who want to either dip their digital toes or simply dive into the amazing world of AI. Reading it from cover to cover, in one sitting, inspired me to create a few notes for you:

The intelligence revolution
Notes and insights into The Intelligence Revolution – Bernard Marr

High-res PDF version here

Well done and thank you ‘Dr’ Marr for a really insightful book and getting back onto my legs again. Grab your copy here.

Mike Nash

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