Google depth AR API

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Google depth API

Google have just released their long awaited ARCore Depth API. This technology opens up opportunities for anyone to give a realistic AR experience from their smart phone. The technology uses algorithms to calculate depth in a 2D image without the need of high end technology like LIDAR sensors etc.

This is game changer in AR. The technology supports depth mapping and occlusion where objects can appear in front and behind objects. This can give a more realistic appearance.

Companies like Snapchat and Houzz are using this accessible technology to give another level of reality helping improve interaction and usability.

My key thoughts

  • AR has always been limited by the technology it is based on. In the past, most AR apps were grown from the ground up and had limitations of sorts. This new universal platform will help spearhead higher adoption of this technology.
  • Having a powerful AR platform will help standardise AR production and bring down the overheads of producing this technology.
  • AR is already changing the face of retail, but it will help with all aspects of living.

More information

More about this technology – click here

Google API technical info here – click here


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