Facebooks new AI shopping tool powered by Cornell research

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Facebook have announced that it is busy developing a state of the art AI shopping assistant. The assistant will be able to give you ideas on shopping based on billions of photos and data it has accumulated.

Groknet was established in 2015 and acquired by Facebook last year. It has already they have seen a huge difference in accuracy when looking for and suggesting shopping ideas for the consumer.

Part of the foundation we’re building to develop an entirely new way to shop on our platforms — making it easier for individuals and small businesses to showcase their products to billions of people, and for buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for.’

My key thoughts

  • Potentially this is worth a huge amount. As people become rich yet time poor, automate AI technology that can have a good idea what you would like will become a game changer.
  • Facebook has a huge dataset and the key that it will combine all relevant data to help add value.
  • The technology features world leading AI from Cornell and set course to change the way we shop.
  • They are also developing a state of the art 3d view so you can see before you buy.

More information

Facebook blog about this technology – click here
Cornell news release – click here


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