‘Explainability’ in AI – Jack Dorsey

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Interesting podcast by and Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter and Square being interviewed by Andrew Yang .

The podcast raises many important issues including AI, communication, trust, technology and lots more. Jack raises some important concerns about AI. He mentions as more systems get more intelligent, we are getting use to ‘offloading our decisions’. This is dangerous and we should consider ‘Explainability’ where we can look at how AI decision was made in the first place. ie like a black box of AI. Great podcast. Thanks Jack and Andrew.

My thoughts

  • As there is a huge thirst for AI, the faster and more it will be integrated. To get 100% credibility, we need to build in accountability and accuracy
  • There is no doubt AI will be regulated in some way, it needs to have an accountability framework if we are going to have trust in its future
  • Fantastic to hear his fresh thinking on his wealth and philanthropy – Possibly the new way of thinking?

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