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Microsoft drones

Microsoft have been developing the next generation drones. These self autonomous flying devices are controlled by deep learning neural networks. They have developed a two stage process of separating perception components from control components. This split level learning helps developers understand and improve the the deep learning process. This process is called cross-modal VAE.

Microsoft have found that with the complexity of data, it just needs to be broken down and processed in the easiest way. With huge data sets and images from the onboard camera, it was able to navigate through any course.

My key thoughts

  • As AI gets complex, the battle will be simplicity. Good structured data, processed at the right times makes good results out.
  • Real world applications will benefit from this refined data capture and processing
  • More works needs to be on data capture, processing – Faster, relevant and processable
  • Simulation is only one dimensional. Test, test, test in position for optimum results

More information

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